Performance – Montreal~Habana Exchange

stanton_preparing dinner

Descanse y disfrute, photo by David Summerhays

Montréal~Habana Encuentros de arte contemporáneo Presents:
Descanse y disfrute

November 7, 9, 14, 2019, 8:00pm–11:00pm
Various Locations
Vedado, Havana, Cuba
Free admission
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At the invitation of the Montréal~Habana exchange I will be presenting Descanse y disfrute, a relational performance that once again explores our relationship to food. Continuing in the same general direction as the previous renditions in which I cook a meal for a family or group of people in their own home (Cooking in Reverse, What the Interval Tastes Like), the particularity of bringing this piece to Havana rests upon the parameters of this specific context: namely being in a place where resources (food among them) are not always readily available.

How to graciously talk about food when I come from a context of ubiquitous abundance? Again, food is intimately connected to a sense of cultural memory, individual/collective experience, identity, and history and again I recognize the privileged space of intimate cultural exchange that such an encounter may invite into being. This time around there is an additional and concrete recognition of my privilege – that of a Canadian artist having the opportunity to be here, in this city, at this time. It raises many questions, which I hope to sensitively field and actively hold space for.