What Goes Around Come Around at Live Art Denmark

the "people feeding each other" performance

Live Art Denmark Presents:
What Goes Around Comes Around

April 19 & 22, 2018, 5pm – 8pm
Brandts Museum, Odense, Denmark
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For the 2018 edition of Live Art Denmark’s Live Art for Kids festival, I’ve been invited to reenact my “people feeding each other” performance. This time: it’s the kids that get to feed the adults in reworked version called What Goes Around Comes Around. The backstory: I have struggled with food and eating for years. Food is a complex system and I am convinced that how we relate to it as adults largely comes from our experiences in childhood. My mother, for example, being from a poor family had very little of it growing up. Now her fridge and cupboards are always full to bursting. I, on the other hand, had abundance but was surrounded by people who constantly “needed to go on a diet.” Food is there but is always threatening to do harm (or disappear). You can see where all this tangled spaghetti comes from. My stage-based and relational performance art practice has therefore visited this theme in various ways over many years. Inspired by a previous piece in which guests in a restaurant were invited to feed each other for the duration of a meal (the ESSEN performances which took place in several cities with several iterations), in Live Art for Kids I am coming back to this work, moreover to the “ground zero” of the time in our lives when this complication starts to flourish. Asking kids how they feel about food (and eating), our conversation will give them the floor – but will happen while they spoon-feed their parents (and any other amenable, friendly adults who happen to come by…).