Historias de Fantasmas / Histoires de fantômes/ Ghost Stories in Solo Exhibition at L’institut culturel du Mexique à Montréal


L’institut culturel du Mexique à Montréal Presents:
Historias de Fantasmas / Histoires de fantômes/ Ghost Stories

From April  28 – May 24, 2018
Opening reception May 3, 2018, 5 – 7pm
Instituto Cultural de México Montreal / Galerie Espacio México
2055 Peel St., Montreal, QC

My performative practice – predicated upon human interaction and our relationship to place – comes into the realm of the gallery, proposing a series of ephemeral images in an exhibition curated by César Damián. Emerging from a residency in Real del Monte, a former mining town in Hidalgo, Mexico, floating filmy surfaces poetically render various experiences of “unexpected” meetings; elements of being in place/being in relationship that often sit at the intersection of im/perception. How to depict the un/knowable? Wishing to not name it specifically but instead to invoke via the residue of these encounters, printed and projected portrayals become the trace of a trace – the revisiting of performative engagements now being mined to reveal this space between space, where what we see in front of our eyes might not tell the entire story, and where what we feel (beyond our five senses) might contain valuable information that our body imperceptibly receives.