Dépôt de mémoire / Human Encounters Maps

My first monograph is now out! Dépôt de mémoire/Human Encounters Maps is the second part of the project that I did in Sainte-Thérèse with Praxis art actuel in the spring & fall of 2013, as part of my cycle of projects, ‘Relationships in Residence.’ Beautifully designed by Simon Guibord, it chronicles a selection of encounters with poetic texts, photos and essays by two invited authors, Sylvie Tourangeau and Martin Champagne. Available at Formats bookstore in Montreal (and through me directly, feel free to contact me for a copy).


Dépôt de mémoire/Human Encounters Maps
2015, 54 pages couleurs
Français, Anglais
ISBN : 978-2-9805469-8-3
25.00 $