ORANGE – Triennial of Contemporary Art About Food

September 7-11, 2015

ORANGE is a recurring arts event that functions like a living laboratory to explore issues related to art and the agri-food industry through exhibitions, interventions and seminars. By showcasing the works of professionals from Quebec, elsewhere in Canada and abroad at locations around the city of Saint-Hyacinthe, ORANGE aims to, among other things, promote the visual arts across the country and especially in its host region. Each edition is followed by a publication that builds on the reflection initiated by the event and documents the participating practices.

For the 5th edition, LES VISCÉRAUX, ORANGE decided to create a dedicated performance residency program, of which I am a part. Continuing my exploration of our individual relationships to food, I have proposed to accompany willing participants (residents of Saint-Hyacinthe) on their grocery shopping excursions as well as offering these same participants the possibility of cooking their favourite meal in their own kitchens. Working alongside three other artists (Céline Boucher, Éric Ladouceur and Arkadi Lavoie-Lachapelle) the residence is curated by Sylvie Tourangeau and will culminate in a final performance during the opening of ORANGE on September 19th. There will also be a round table on September 26th, during which time I’ll be discussing the notion of food as transactional object within participatory performance actions.

Residence: September 7 to 11, 2015
Opening & Performances: September 19, 2015
Round Table: September 26, 2015
Centre Expression: 495 Avenue Saint-Simon
Pavillon ORANGE: 1775, rue des Cascades
Saint-Hyancinthe, QC

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