Granby Residence Revisited (3e impérial Redux)

From 2010 – 2012, I had the pleasure of being in residence at the 3e impérial, centre d’essaie en art actuel in Granby (to produce the project FatherWork-MonTravail). A centre that welcomes several artists a year for months-long programs of infiltrating practices in the town of Granby, the current artist in residence is Catherine Bodmer. How delighted I was that she found a little souvenir I had left behind, one of a series of photos I took while in the apartment where guest artists (and writers) stay while there. The apartment, while ‘neutral’ in its appearance and function, is nonetheless filled with the memories and inspirations of previous residents. This little side-project of documenting my time there was my attempt to capture these memories and transmit an invisible sense of continuity to the future artists who would pass through… You can read about it from Catherine’s perspective on her blog.