Artist Residency – Salem Art Works

I’ve been invited to participate in an interdisciplinary group residency at Salem Art Works, in Salem, NY. Curated by Moheb Soliman, MOTHER*ING NATURE will bring together six Canadian artists for a two-week period who will engage with texts, art, and each other toward the creation of a collective exhibition.

Soliman writes: “Generations ago there was a widely known Mother Nature in popular culture. As this personage must have aged, our perception of it has changed also, so that we no longer see a many-faced subject, but a plane of objects and resources. With environmentalism as a predominant framework for relating to nature, asking ‘who’ it is to us has become impossible. But how can we imagine this estranged, still living relation, always just out the door? Do we ‘belong’ to each other in some way? What relationship does nature have to us, in a ‘post-natural’ world? Are we now mothering nature?”

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