Workshop – Hub 14

I’ll be giving a day-long workshop at Hub 14 in Toronto, entitled “Between Intimacy and Architecture: subtle and relational performance in public place.” Asking questions such as: How do we listen to each other? How do we interact? How do we respond to the landscape around us? How do we engage with time and space? The aim is to begin practicing a cultivation of attentive awareness, empathetic presence and peripheral vision, exploring the multiple and very personalized ways in which we experience and foster intimacy and connection – in ourselves, towards others, and in relation to place. The workshop will explore how time and space are intimately connected and linked to how we develop a relationship to the space and people around us; how repetition of an action (over time) within a particular space necessarily creates familiarity with that space, within the various contexts in which we find ourselves to be. We will also explore how the ways in which a “non-productive” use of time, as carried out in public (place) activates a space. Finally, we will attempt to create contexts to explore ways of experiencing various kinds of “in-betweens,” (the spaces between thought and action, between actions, between each other, between ourselves and the spaces around us.)

“Between Intimacy and Architecture” is being presented by York’s Graduate Programs in Theatre & Performance Studies, Visual Arts, and Art History and Visual Culture, in collaboration with the Performance Studies (Canada) Speakers Series.