Performance – Les Voisins

I live in Verdun. The river is my neighbour. It is a powerful presence that compels, contains and delineates this part of town. Along the river, I would like to propose a group walk: an invitation for few or many to join me in a consciously constructed trajectory on the bike path. Bodies meeting in unison where sounds, movements, silence and stillness could simultaneously take place (our bodies of water next to this one).

Bodies of Water is part of the event Les Voisins, a Festival of Urban Actions. 27 Quebec and International artists are presenting more than 35 actions where the location, the date and the duration of the performance are determinedby the artists themselves. Curated by Eric Mattson, Les Productions MINUTE.

June 7 and 8, 2014
2pm – 4pm
Bike path along the St-Laurent river in Verdun –
Trajectory will begin at Galt & Lasalle blvd in Verdun