Performance by TouVA – Fonderie Darling

On August 24 Montreal-based TouVA Collective present a new participatory performance, All Day Breakfast (Kid’s Menu Version), as part of the Darling Foundry performance series, Place Publique.

Hungry for something special? Craving a cut-loose-and-let-it-all-hang-out-but-only-if-you-want-to experience? Playing upon the classic “All Day Breakfast,” in which a customer can be served their favourite diner classic even past the traditional morning hour, a series of booths will offer up an unconventional menu of gastronomically tasty activities (and yes, a few food items too).

Check out our:
• Debilitated Dance Floor (Wigged-Out Dress Down Party)
• Lapsus Listening Sessions
• Gold Medal Mental Gymnastics
• Melba Toast Tarot Card Readings
• Sulking Delilah Corner (Le Coin du bouddhage)
• Protest Placards Your Granny Would Be Proud Of
• Confessions Of A Dangerous Tooth Ache Booth (The Doctor Is In)
• Napping With Your Eyes Open (The Artist Is Present)
• Storytelling Backwards
• Opera On the Sly (Chanter en cachette)
• Meditating Watermelon
• Laughing Crying Yawning Shouting (Ça fait du bien)
• Eat It Up Food Counter
• The Fastest Salad

In a festive atmosphere of barely controlled chaos, this collective spur-of-the-moment creation proposes actions that are really about exploring desire; how we give and receive simultaneously and are fed by the occurrence of joyful experiences, as produced by the spontaneous encounter. And although absurd and festive, these playful tasks are also meant to be reflective and grounded – not just entertainment for entertainment’s sake, or distracting, but something that provides a meaningful interpolation into a “simple encounter.” We want to open up a space of unexpected discoveries that hopefully impart “food for thought,” while producing a kind of “contagion” – a collective experience that is fueled by interdependent contact, where we let ourselves fully invest ourselves in the present moment.

August 24, 2013, 1pm – 4pm
Darling Foundry, 745 rue Ottawa
Montreal, QC
Free Admission

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