Artist Residency and Performance – Embodying Nature: Relating to Geography

For two weeks, I will be in residence at Artscape Gibraltar Point with Toronto-based performance artist, Johannes Zits. This first-time collaboration will collect actions from a variety of locations across the island, in performances done for the camera, and for each other. A final performance will take place on August 18, at the AGP residence.

Embodying Nature: Relating to Geography starts with the premise that our surroundings are more than a passive backdrop. Staying away from references that venerate or fix nature in the realm of the sublime, while attempting to approach the built environment from an alternative perspective, we will look into how movement and interactions can question the limitations imposed by dominant histories and constructs. It is our view that through acts of investigative exchanges between ourselves and the spaces we negotiate, that we may begin to open up a dialogue about our relationship to “place.”

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