Artist’s Residency – Part 1, 3e Imperial

For the last two years I’ve been exploring a traveling performance called Roadside Attractions. Asking questions such as: How do you show a transitional space? Where are the interstices between leaving and arriving? What are our strategies for getting there? Roadside Attractions is an unconventional travelogue that is more interested in the journey and the acclimatization, than in the final, definitive destination.

Focusing on the parallels between performance and travel, and on a potentially destabilized relationship to place, this exploration of transitional space examines comprehensive states of “performative consciousness,” investing a performative presence within multiple locations, while addressing notions of connectedness, (dis)orientation, abandon, and transformation.

Bringing the research process to Granby in a multi-part residence (beginning this November and continuing in March, June and August-September, 2011); I’ll be visually mapping and documenting a succession of “flash-landmarks” – sites that become instant points of orientation on a variety of routes leading me to and from the place where I’ll be staying. Off-site installation of single-channel video – reflections related to being a body in transit/transition – will portray the culmination of this series of meditative micro-interventions around the town of Granby.

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