Performance and Artist Talk by TouVA at 7a11d Festival

The TouVA Collective (Sylvie Tourangeau, Anne Bérubé and myself) will be presenting a performance and a talk at this year’s 7a*11d Festival in Toronto, Canada.

October 26, 8pm
TouVA performance – The 7th Sense
Toronto Free Gallery

October 27, 12pm
TouVA talk – Practicing the 7th Sense: Performance in the Seen & the Unseen
Toronto Free Gallery

Founded in the spring of 2007, the TouVA Collective is a performance art trio that have been researching the practice of performance through multiple frameworks and approaches. In addition to conduction workshops, creating dynamic artist talks and offering coaching to artists in a variety of contexts – including international festivals – TouVA is a group of artist-researchers interested in a profound exploration of “the performative.” Working consistently from a model of exchange and dialogue, recent activities include a research residence at the Centre d’information Artexte in Montreal, a performative lecture at VIVA! Art Action, as well as the production of a book.

I’ll also be part of a panel discussion at the closing of the festival:
Invaders of the Everyday?

October 31, 2pm

The art/life dichotomy was a driving tension of twentieth century art, fuelling the anti-spectacle sentiments of much performance art as well as inspiring the injection of the fantastic and virtual into daily life. Its more recent legacies include the ideals of interactivity and relational aesthetics – but these terms already seem exhausted. Ten years into a new century, this year’s panel considers the productiveness of the art/life tension/continuum for performance artists today.

Artist talks with: Michael Fernandes (Canada), karen elaine spencer (Canada), Joakim Stampe (Sweden), Victoria Stanton (Canada).

Moderated by: Johanna Householder

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