Performance at OFFTA

How do you show a transitional space? The interstices between leaving and arriving? Roadside Attractions (Redux) is an unconventional travelogue that is more interested in the journey and the acclimatization, than in the final, definitive destination.

Using an expedition to Gatineau, Quebec as a point of departure, Roadside Attractions (Redux) is the culmination of a series of meditative micro-interventions that have been carried out “in the in-between” in several cities since 2008. Focusing on the parallels between performance and travel, and on a potentially destabilized relationship to place, this exploration of transitional space asks: What are our strategies for arriving – whether on stage, or in another city? Examining comprehensive states of “performative consciousness,” Roadside Attractions invests a performative presence within multiple locations, addressing notions of connectedness, (dis)orientation, loss, and transformation.

Presented at the OFFTA , in a double program with k.g. Guttman at the Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui, in Montreal.

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