Solo Exhibition/Residence/Performance at Tenderpixel Gallery

This new work, being presented at Tenderpixel Gallery in London England, brings together the distinct, yet complimentary practices between myself (relational, intervention performance) and Christian Richer (ambient sound artist). For the exhibition, we will creatively unite to produce a live, participatory installation of drawings and ambient aural textures. Gallery visitors are invited to bring an object to which to they feel an emotional attachment (from key-ring to crystal goblet). Together, me and guest will chat about the object’s history and personal significance. We will also sketch: individual and comparative interpretations of the precious object in question. No drawing experience necessary; perfect execution is not the purpose of this interaction – it is more about fleeting moments of change and exchange. Christian will record, and transform these conversations into atmospheric tape loops, slowly building a soundtrack that accompanies the expanding collection of drawings.

Connecting, recording, sketching, editing, broadcasting and affixing… Constantly evolving and dynamic, our residency at Tenderpixel will culminate in an immersive installation of playful images and evocative sounds: an eclectic collections of “stuff.”

tenderpixel invite