Performance at Open Source Gallery

Open Source, a store-front artist-run gallery in Park Slope has invited me and Christian Richer to present a performance that explores our current work-in-progress: When Parts of You Are Still Arriving . Blending our two distinct, yet complimentary practices, this piece will be an inquiry into collaborative audio-visual and intertextual explorations.

With a background in narrative, relational, infiltrating, and visual performance, I’ve been examining comprehensive states of “performative consciousness,” investing a “performative” presence within multiple spaces / times. Using video montages of taped public interpolations, within a live setting, I’ve been layering recorded and live performance to produce a composite presence – fractured, whole, congruent, in transition; at times obscured but nevertheless felt.

An emerging electro-acoustic composer and tape-deck performer, Christian Richer combines analogue and digital technologies, building and deconstructing sound loops for audio recordings and live presentations. With field recordings from both urban and rural settings, he takes the seemingly mundane and transforms it into architecturally responsive, multi-textured environments, creating atmospheric (and at times unsettling) spaces with, and through, sound.

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