Performance at the Festival International Montreal en Arts

I have been invited once again to take part in this four-day festival and celebration of visual arts on Ste-Catherine Street East, in Montreal. For the tenth anniversary the FIMA is expanding their performance platform and hosting several intervention/relational performances. I will be presenting La Tempête est à l’exéterieure (Duo-Portrait) over two afternoons, meeting with festival-goers one-on-one, in an shared moment of contemplative quietude (that will be videotaped). The short collection of taped moments will then be the subject of a video project by the same name.

La Tempête est à l’exéterieure (Duo-Portrait) is an opportunity to stop. To slow down. To shut down. To turn off. To un-wind. To zone out. To space out. To blank. With a complete stranger. Together we will create a portrait of “nowhere.” You and me on a sofa in the street. Nowhere to be but here. Now. Now, let me put my hand on yours or your hand on mine and together we will…relax. While the camera watches. Is it possible? Let’s find out.

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