Music Performance

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The Capital of Plastic Daffodils

Fledgling Broken Song found a five-piece band! (See description below). Still warbling and naïve, one keyboard becomes multi-instrumental. The same songs take on a new life with the help of Nicolas Lê Quang (bass, keyboards, f/x, vocals & arrangements), Christian Richer (electric guitar, laptop, f/x, vocals), Simon Heller (flute, vocals), and Nicolas Gouin (drums & vocals). As creepy and quirky as ever, these deranged ditties for adult children are indeed demented, but gentle.

capital of plastic daffodils

The Capital of Plastic Daffodils, The Plastic Photo Sessions and live at the Sala Rossa, 2009

Fledgling Broken Song

Fledgling Broken Song: A warbling and naïve brand of off-kilter, creepy and quirky ditties for adult children in limbo. These are playful, minimal, absurd and mournful pieces that employ keyboard – as well as the occasional hand-held tape recorder or found object – to create self-conscious and meandering “songs.” Lately I have been performing what I call my “Victoria Karaoke” – accompanying myself on pre-recorded music tracks. A nice way to free up my hands and throw my body into it more.

When people ask, “What does it sound like?” I say, “Sesame Street invites the Danielson Famile to meet Daniel Johnston’s, Syd Barrett’s and Captain Beefheart’s offspring in the peanut butter aisle at the supermarket.”

But talking about music is like dancing around architecture. Maybe you would like to just hear my songs.

Performance at Zeke's Gallery

Fledgling Broken Song at Zeke’s Gallery, 2005

Fledgling Broken Song at Le Locale

Fledgling Broken Song at Le Locale, 2004, Montreal, QC

Fledgling Broken Song & Capital of Plastic Daffodils Performance History

  • February 2009: Sala Rossa, Festival Voix d’Amériques, Montreal, QC
  • March 2007: Galerie B-312, Nuit Blanche Montréal, Montreal, QC
  • January 2007: Casa del Popolo, Words and Music, Montreal, QC
  • August 2007: Various venues, Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne, AU
  • March 2006: Galerie La Centrale, Les Voix Voisines, Montreal, QC
  • November 2005: Galerie B-312, Les jeudis tout ouïe, Montreal, QC
  • October 2005: Durham Art Gallery, Words Aloud Festival, Durham, ON
  • August 2005: Zeke’s Gallery, Pigeon rallye showcase, Montreal, QC
  • March 2005: Eastern Edge Gallery, Outspoken, St-John’s, NL
  • January 2005: Sala Rossa, Kaz-Aid, Montreal, QC
  • December 2004: Sala Rossa, Vollevox – Bruxel Meets Montreal, Montreal, QC
  • October 2004: Pharmacia Esperanza, CatCall, Montreal, QC
  • September 2004: Théâtre Mercelis, Vollevox #5 – Narration, Brussels, Belgium
  • August 2004: Le Locale, solo show, Montreal, QC