I do time-based work within a large variety of contexts. The common thread for any or all of these myriad actions is this: the ability to hold a space.

Public Action

My interest in producing work within and about performative transactions – mounting projects that are predicated on the very act of a prolonged and invested exchange between people – and an attempt to open up a dialogue between the body and the spaces it traverses, has led to a number of works developed in situ/in socius. Asking such questions as: What consciousness do we bring to the places that we occupy? How do places inhabit us? How do we interact with the surrounding environment – and further still, with others who we may encounter there? In a mindful occupation of successive sites, I continue to initiate various ongoing series of accompanied quests, interpersonal transactions that consciously situate themselves in relation to both “the other” (as we each become the other to one (an)other) and to the context in which we find ourselves. Occurring both within and without the art-frame, the goal is to activate these sites by introducing a performative element via a relational exchange – collaboratively working toward expanding a moment in time while collapsing an already diminishing space between the artist/audience and art/life.


The stage is such an infinitely mysterious, inspiring, mesmerizing, nebulous, and — dare I say it? — terrifying space. Working on stage, I’ve presented stories and songs about children, love, hurt, wonder, being, and being present. Sometimes not speaking at all, but letting actions and images (as in the case of incorporating video) speak for me. Even inviting silence. And in so doing, trying to demystify the performance process, from the stage. A lot of heart stuff. Liking to connect with people. Challenging the ways we can connect. Testing the limits of vulnerability. Even fucking up, which is something that does happen — and has provided some of the most interesting performance moments. I.e.: being able to hold a space, in communicating words, images, silence — NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.