Photography Credits

Splash Page

  • About: Phil Chee
  • News & Upcoming: Christian Richer
  • CV: Christian Richer
  • Bookstore: Victoria Stanton
  • Performance: S.B. Edwards
  • Video: Victoria Stanton
  • Installation: Victoria Stanton
  • Contact: Phil Chee

Group Intervention

  • Bodies of Water: Eric Mattson
  • How We Stop Traffic: Daniel Aubin
  • Being (first row): S.B. Edwards
  • Being (second row): Mikiki, Victoria Stanton, Mikiki
  • Being/ESSEN (third row): Aaron McKenzie Fraser

Relational Performance

  • The Mobile Listening Sessions: Stephanie Bailey
  • Relationships in Residence: Victoria Stanton
  • Stuff: Christian Richer
  • CEO Stanton: Guy L’Heureux
  • Hotel: Melanie Nugent
  • Cake Feeding: Matthew Hodgins, Christian Richer, Kathryn Presner, Anik Delisle, Victoria Stanton, Claire Decolombel

One-Off Works

  • Sharpshooter (top five hits: 3.33 RPH version): Henry Chan
  • Sharpshooter (top five hits: lesson #1, lesson #2): Gerry Lauzon
  • two and a half weeks: Andrew Reed Miller
  • Bottling Nostalgia: Sharon Kallis
  • Practicing Dialogues: Tamara Kvintradze
  • Her Shit is My Gold: BBB Johannes Deimling
  • Supreme Leg Elixir: Sylvie Fremiot
  • Flea Market: Rachel Echenberg
  • Untitled (parking tickets): S.B. Edwards
  • Storefront: Melanie Nugent
  • Evidence III: Taisuke Morishita
  • Untitled (Captain Snooze): Billy Campbell
  • Untitled (PFK vs. Buffalo): Neil Wiernik
  • Untitled (corner of four fountains): Enrico Sturani
  • Today I Ate: Nicolas Syriannis
  • Operation Cake Walk: Kristen Forkert


  • Capital band: Vincent Poirier; Capital live: Sean M. Whelan
  • First row: Zeke, Guy L’Heureux

Spoken Word

  • Will The Next Letter…: Sean Whelan
  • SPLIT: Patrick Mailloux

Video Performance

  • Embodying Nature: Relating to Geography: Ibrahim Abusitta
  • Roadside Attractions: Victoria Stanton
  • When Parts of You are Still Away: Lisa Graves


  • SPLIT: Fannie St-Michel


  • First row: Victoria Stanton
  • Second row: Martin Savoie, D. Jhave Johnston, Phil Chee
  • Third row: Aaron McKenzie Fraser

Bank of Victoria

  • Our Profile (“Art is Life is Art”), Our Services, Our Clients, Our Future: Guy L’Heureux
  • Our Profile (“Happy Birthday Bank of Victoria”): Victoria Stanton
  • Splash page – “new initiative” Tag Line Design: Antje Heidenwag